Favourite Reads of 2016

Are you familiar with the term, “Better late than never”?

Here is my favourite reads in 2016, three weeks late.

If you follow my Instagram account, than you know I read a lot. In 2016, I set a personal best: I finished 35 book and read a total of 12,971 pages. I’m glad I read every book I did last year, but inevitably some stand out above the rest. The following ¬†are the books that I enjoyed the most, or spent the most time thinking about, or moved me most profoundly.

I’ve divided this list into two sections: “New” books and “Old” books. For the purposes of this list, “New” books are¬†anything released 2014 or later. “Old” books are everything else. At the bottom, I’ve ranked all fifteen to give an idea which books were the absolute best that I read this year. I’ve also included a full list of all 35 books, in the order I read them. Continue reading